Just thinking out loud

I’m not ready for Christmas. I hate the holidays. I don’t celebrate them. I don’t want anything to do with exchanging gifts, or a tree, or all of that mess. I’ll participate in preparing a meal if that happens, much to my discomfort, but if I plan on eating it’s only fair to help out.

I used to celebrate Christmas, when I was a kid, and when I had my kids and they were little. I’ve not celebrated Christmas since 2003. I don’t miss it. I don’t celebrate birthdays, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving or any of the holidays most people observe each year with joy and fondness. I have no love for it anymore.

That’s what happens when you get older, sometimes. You lose that desire to throw your money away on unnecessary things that promote capitalism and corporate greed, just because it’s wrapped up in a neat little bow and shoved under a shiny tree.

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